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Nobody's Wolf Child

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In January 2022, Nobody’s Wolf Child made an indelible mark with the release of their debut single, “The Fall,” a cinematic masterpiece lauded by BBC Introducing as “Full iMax.” Since that impactful debut, the enigmatic musical entity has treated audiences to an additional 8 singles, captivating a diverse global fanbase eager to explore realms beyond the visible, recognizing that the world we perceive is only a fraction of the world we inhabit.

Embracing a sonic spectrum that resonates with enthusiasts of Dark Folk, Avant-Garde Pop, and Dark Electronic Music, Nobody’s Wolf Child is gearing up to grace stages in the UK and beyond in 2024. Promising an immersive and visually stunning experience, Nobody’s Wolf Child plans to enthral both loyal pack members and newcomers with a live performance featuring a mix of released and unreleased tracks.
The musical journey doesn’t end on the stage; 2024 holds promise for a multitude of releases, including a folk-inspired EP, Hollywood-inspired cinematic records, and more. Each production is crafted with the lavish landscapes that Nobody’s Wolf Child seamlessly weaves into her musical tapestry. 

At the heart of Nobody’s Wolf Child's narrative is the chronicle of the Wolf Child herself—an enigmatic figure whose earthly or spiritual nature remains shrouded in mystery. Accompanied by unique companions, each with their own personalities and tales, her Hexology, which began with the debut single "The Fall" and includes the immensely popular "The Devil’s Gold," unfolds the story of her journey into the Human World. From indulging in its pleasures to seeing it for what it truly is, she metaphorically burns it down and retreats to the forest, where she discovers her Wolf Companions. Subsequent records offer a perspective on the Human world from the vantage point of her spiritual companions. 

The influence of Nobody’s Wolf Child extends globally, with her Wolf Pack spreading across the world and gathering fans from diverse corners of the globe, uniting various folklores. Known for her wild visuals, Nobody’s Wolf Child has become a favorite among independent blogs. As the pack grows rapidly, these are undoubtedly early days for Nobody’s Wolf Child, promising a captivating journey for music enthusiasts around the world.

2 August 2024
Village stage


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