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Let yourself be enchanted by Trientale's musical tales

Trientale is a French acoustic folk music band with Celtic, oriental and medieval inspirations. Based in Lyons (France), the band started playing in 2017. Trientale takes the listener into a musical journey beginning with the sweetness of a Trientale, a flower growing in the forests of Northern Europe, and extending into warm oriental lands.

Trientale's repertoire is infused with nature, myths and poetry. In a mystical and tribal atmosphere, the group stands out with their use of varied and unusual instruments such as a nyckelharpa, a didgeridoo or a Celtic harp. A violin, a cello, a guitar, vocals and drums are also part of this journey and this mix of instruments and styles creates a magical and captivating universe.

Trientale also offers an immersive stage performance: light effects bring spectators into a dreamlike atmosphere, the musicians are the actors of a magical and striking world, the instruments play melodies sounding like long forgotten tunes...

Trientale has played mainly in France, including twice at the “Tribal Elek” Didgeridoo Festival in 2022 and 2023. The group sometimes plays with FCBD®Style dancers thanks to the Amara Dance troupe. These dancers can be seen in the video clip from Trientale’s song “Echos” (scroll down to see).


In 2020 the group released five tracks in their first EP named “Errance Astrale”. Available on Bandcamp, this EP recreates an initiatory journey travelling from the lands of the North to the oriental lands, passing through pagan rituals and contemplations. The music video of their song “Aura Mystique”, taken from this EP, can be found on YouTube.

Their first album “Nymphescence” was released in September 2022. Available on Bandcamp and Spotify, this album is inspired by Greek mythology. Nymphs and nature are at the heart of this musical project. Their song “Echos”, a second music video, is included in this album.

The next album is being written and composed…

3 August 2024
Meadow stage


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